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Franco at work

Franco Grobberio was born in Aosta, in 1945.

Attracted by painting, when the was young he guessed that the world of the images is his “secret garden”, a poetical existence alternative but parallel to daily life. He visits the biggest Italian exhibitions and he studies aesthetics and arts history, feeling instinctively near to the surrealistic teacher Magritte, to Balthus and to the metaphysic De Chirico.

He works during the day, and during the night the begins painting as autodidact, preferring oil painting, that he alternates to watercolour and sometimes to etching.

His painting is affected by the teachers that inspired him, however his style is a domestic and very personal surrealism, tinged with dream. Even if his early works are affected by the culture of European realism, with recurring themes such as cities peripheries, workers and tumblers, his following works evolve towards a new figuration, in witch we can find new symbols, short stories mid-way from dream and reality inspired from lightness.

His exhibition activity is characterized by personal and public exhibitions, both in private galleries and in public spaces.

Although painting is his main vocation, Grobberio in the past tested himself against graphics – in 1980 and in 1985 his works were selected to advertise the millenary “Fiera di Sant’Orso” in Aosta – and against sculpture – from 2000 in the “Fiera di Sant’Orso” he exhibits his toys made of painted wood, inspired to local tradition ones.